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New Harpernia: Capital City and seat of Eraltirn Empire, home to God-Emperor Altais III in the hart of Bright Horn Bay



Poserin Sea:

Jaggedspine Mountains: The towering peaks of the Jaggedspine range run from the Poserin Sea and continue west to the uncharted frontier, creating the Danite Desert in its rainshadow. The harsh environs of the Jaggedspine are home to many Giant tribes.

Danite Desert:

Coruscating Mines:

Splinterstone Gultch:

Howling Wastes:

The Gateway:

Goldtooth Saloon:

Solemn Watch:

Bartleby’s Folly:

Mana Barons: Banned from using Mechanites.

Mechanites: Constructs which were created by Altrians to mine the dangerous raw arcanite but after prolonged exposure to the magical ore began to develop sentience and agency.

Main Page

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